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Abyss ORPG
by Bloodbane7

The Land of Zeneleta is being consumed by an Abyss, and only few remain who can stop the forces of the Abyss! Will you add the people of Zeneleta? Or will you condemn them?

Class Restrictions
Warrior Classes — Charmer, Shield, Berserker, Shadowblade
Mage Classes — Healer, Spellcaster, Shadowblade
Light Classes — Assassin, Archer, Thief
Class Increase
To Increase your class, you must first be lvl 25. Afterward you must find your class item, which is dropped by a certain group of monsters hidden in Zeneleta. When you obtain your item you must activate your class trainer, or mysterious unit.
Class Increase 2
The same thing as Increase 1, only you need lvl 50, and a different class item dropped by a different creature, as well as a different class trainer.

Class Increase items holders: Treants

Defiled Nature Spirits

Class Increase 2 items holders: Defiled Nature Spirits

Archer Tree

  • Choose Archer
    • The Archer fires arrows apon her opponents from a distance, and is excellent at dealing damage when used with a melee hero. The Archer favors the art of darkness.
  • Class Increase — Hunter:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find Lost Arrowtip
    3. Talk to Hunter
  • Class Increase 2 — Dark Ranger:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find Arrow of Dark Reincarnation
    3. Talk to Dark Ranger

Assassin Tree

  • Choose Assassin
    • The Assassin is a fast attacker that has very low chances to deal major damage, or kill the target.
  • Class Increase — Eliminator:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find Bloody Letter
    3. Talk to Eliminator
  • Class Increase 2 — Silencer:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find Bloody Dagger
    3. Talk to Lord's Silencer

Berserker Tree

  • Choose Berserker
    • The Berserker is a cross between the Thief and the Assassin.
  • Class Increase — Berserk Rider:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find Greenskin
    3. Talk to Berserk Rider
  • Class Increase 2 — Lord of Berserk:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find GreenerSkin
    3. Talk to Lord of Berserking

Charmer Tree

  • Choose Charmer
    • Specializes in lowering opponents armor and attack damage, gaining large amounts of gold, and dealing lucky critical strikes.
  • Class Increase — Royal Class:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find Shiny Armor
    3. Talk to Royal Class
  • Class Increase 2 — Knight:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find Water Resistant Armor
    3. Talk to Guard Captain

Healer Tree

  • Choose Healer
    • The Healer casts healing and positive buff spells.
  • Class Increase — Priest:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find Glowing Stone of Light
    3. Talk to Cardinal
  • Class Increase 2 — Bishop:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find Crystal of Light
    3. Talk to Bishop

Shadowblade Tree

  • Choose Shadowblade
    • The Shadowblade uses magic to inhance her damage, and has spells that destroy spellcasters.
  • Class Increase — Forsaken Shadow:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find Dark BladeShard
    3. Talk to Forsaken One
  • Class Increase 2 — Dark Justice:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find Void Shard
    3. Talk to Lord's Reincarnated Justice

Shield Tree

  • Choose Shield
    • The Shield is a tank, but doesnt gain its full defensive potential to a little later in the game.
  • Class Increase — Protector:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find Abused Armor of Pride
    3. Talk to Protector
  • Class Increase 2 — Guardian:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find Armor for a Fallen Friend
    3. Talk to Legendary Guardian

Spellcaster Tree

  • Choose Spellcaster
    • The Spellcaster depends on powerful elemental spells to damage his opponents.
  • Class Increase — Mage:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find The Blue Stone
    3. Talk to Mage Trainer
  • Class Increase 2 — ArchMage:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find Magic Essence
    3. Talk to Mage's Guild ArchMage

Thief Tree

  • Choose Thief
    • The Thief attacks and moves very fast, and has a slight chance to deal major damage.
  • Class Increase — Bandit:
    1. Get 25 level
    2. Find Stolen Coin of Luck
    3. Talk to Mysterious Bandit
  • Class Increase 2 — Demon Bandit:
    1. Get 50 level
    2. Find The Dead's Galleon
    3. Talk to Demon Bandit

Abyssal Destroyer Tree

  • Abyssal Destroyer
    • ---Secret Character---
      Has the most powerful passive skills and can use all of the classes items. Deals Choas damage and has Divine armor. Gains 100 stats per level, and has 5% lifesteal. Suspended in v1.35
  • Become Abyssal Destroyer
    1. Get 1000 level & 1,000,000 gems
    2. Enter 1000+ Realm
    3. Find 1000+ Gem Wares (merchant)
    4. Buy Change to Abyssal Destroyer
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